Thai massage

The ancient traditional Thai massage is a technique with pressure (pressure therapy) and application of passive resistances. The fingers press specific areas of the body relieving pains , inflexibility, tense, fatigue and symptoms of a disease.; pressures are applied to specific points on the skin and the musculature while the nerves are in pain if the flow of energy in the body is prevented for some reason. The pressure points are located along the “meridians”, that the channel through which the energy flows in the body. These channels are invisible, but according to Eastern philosophy and are defined with the same accuracy as the nerves. Then the normal circulation of energy resets within the body and the “receiver” relieves  any unpleasant symptoms. Finally a feeling a surge of energy flowing through these lines and when skillfully can relieve many kinds of chronic diseases and pain.
This massage is a mattress on the floor, does not contain oils while the receiver is dressed in comfortable clothes.